Concert: August 8, 2018


Another year has come and gone, and the Negaunee City Band’s final concert of the 2018 season went off without a hitch.  The weather was beautiful and the crowd was as well, packing the park at the Performing Arts Facility at the top of Iron St.

The crowd salutes the flag as the National Anthem is played.


Director Brandon Nelson programmed a Pops concert for us this week with Selections from Mamma Mia, Live and Let Die, Journey, and many other fun and popular numbers.



Thank you to all of the members of the band for their hard work and dedication.  For those who spent a lot of extra time meeting the demands of our concert and parade schedule.  Thank you to the City of Negaunee for continuing to support one of the oldest continuously performing bands in the United States.  And thanks go, of course, to the audience, because without you we would just be a group of people playing to an empty park every week.

Keep an eye on the site for a few behind-the-scenes posts in the next couple of weeks, and the band will back back on the shell platform for the lighting of the Christmas Tree in December.

And of course, we’ll see you in June of 2019 for another exciting year of music!

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