THANK YOU to the Negaunee Community Fund!

During the 2019 grant cycle we were awarded a grant through the Negaunee Community Fund for the purchase of two new instruments. We unveiled these instruments this year, and want to thank the Community Fund for their genrosity!

The stand up chimes.
The Chimes and the Marimba, played by Kim Gischia and Dan Lindblom respectively.
Mr. Dan Lindblom, playing Gavotte en Rondeau, from Violin Partita No. 3 (Excerpt) by J.S. Bach on the new marimba

Once again, a huge thank you to the Negaunee Community Fund for their aid in the purchase of these instruments. With proper care they will last forever, and help to continue the hundred year musical tradition in Negaunee!

If you have time check out the Community Fund’s website and see all of the fantastic things they are doing across Marquette County!

Thanks to Kathy Houghton for the video.

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