Concert: August 4, 2021

With the smoke from Canadien wildfires casting a haze across the whole northern U.S., the spirits in Negaunee were high on Wednesday night for the Negaunee City Band Concert.

Director Brandon Nelson introducing the band.

Director Brandon Nelson programmed another wonderful concert this week, including exciting number like Arikara and Best of Journey.

A selection from Arikara by James Meredith
Peggy Clark and Bruce Houghton, the anchors to the saxophone section.
Everyone is concentrating.
The start of Salute to ‘Ol Blue Eyes, arrange by John Moss.

Remember to come back next week, August 11, for our final concert of the season!

One thought on “Concert: August 4, 2021

  1. Another awesome summer played by a very special Negaunee City Band. Such a shame it was a short season but wishing everyone great health. A big thank you to everyone who shows up to listen. We thank you. Not only do the people get to enjoy the music but so do the birds. We were sitting under the trees in the alley. Music started and some little birds in the tree started chirping almost to the music. Music stopped. They stopped. Brandon started talking and it chirped short chirps to his words like it was telling its young what he was saying. The music started and the chirping was all through song. They did this right up to last song. So birds like music too. Great job Negaunee City Band. One more show. August 11th. Thanks again for the wonderful memories❤️


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