Summer 2022!

We’re back!

The summer of 2022 brings the return of a full concert season to Breiting Park in Negaunee!

We also have a few changes, which will become obvious to attendees. The first is that there is now a program holder at the arch when you walk into Breiting Park. It will be placed there before the concerts and removed afterwards. There will be programs there for all to enjoy. (We will still try to get to the outlying vehicles before the program starts:)

Also, we would like to welcome Mr. Lucas Wickstrom to the podium! Lucas stepped into the role as director this past winter and has been keeping us busy on Monday nights preparing for the coming season.

We are blessed in the Upper Peninsula with a great many talented musicians, and so many that are willing to share their time and talent with us. Come down to the park on Wednesdays, concerts begin at 7:30!

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