Parade: July, 9 2022 Pioneer Days Negaunee

It was a beautiful 75 degrees this morning as the parade began to line up, the Negaunee City Band marched down from the bandshell and stood in the shade behind the old Oddfellows building until the 11:30 a.m. start.

130 years of marching in Negaunee, and across the U.P., wee thought we should have an era-appropriate vehicle with some signage on it. This is a 1930 Ford Woody Model A, owned by Art Gischia. Professional candy-tossers were Robert Gischia, seated in the back, and Finn Redding, mugging for the camera.

Here they come!
The streets were packed, and the parade was long.
The NCB on the march and sounding great!
…and just like that…we’re done marching till next year, but don’t forget we have weeks of concerts to go! Wednesday night at 7!

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