Concert: August 10, 2022

The summer is fleeting and our concert season has ended. It was a year with surprises and challenges, but the Negaunee City Band has not been marching for over hundred years without being resilient and capable.

NCB President Brad Gischia issues thanks to all who help to make the season work.

The thanks that we extend to everyone involved cannot be understated.

To the City of Negaunee and their support of us, one of the few remaining city bands in the country, is of the utmost importance to us. Without them we could not function.

To the Executive Board, Brad Gischia, Bruce Houghton, Kerry Klein, and Garrett Alderton, the decisions you help to make keep the band vital.

To Peggy Clark and Kerry Klein, who keep the uniforms in order, and deal with the constant fittings and refittings, making sure we look our best when at the shell or on the street.

To Marilyn Andrew, who has been making our programs for as long as I can remember, and we is always on top of putting notices in the newspapers and on the radio.

To Gerry Anderson and Cheryl Wurster, who took an extra hour every Wednesday to put that weeks concert away so that it didn’t stack up and create an avalanche of music.

Thanks to Kathy Gischia, who spent much of her concert time taking photos for this website:)

To Lucas Wickstrom, who, mere weeks before the concert season began, agreed to grab the baton and direct us. His work has made this season a success.

To the members of the band, who show up week after week to practice and throughout the winter, you are what makes the band a special thing and an asset to the community.

Finally, to the audience, who is always supportive, who always shows up, and who knows how lucky they are to live in a place that so embraces the idea of a community band. There is no band without an audience, and you make it worth the time that goes into it.

With that being said, our last concert was a great success, with updates from the Vista Theater committee, two vocal performances, and a surprise piece by NMU student arranger Abby O’Connell

Make sure you get your program!
The park was packed for the last concert of the season.
Who ever thought we’d be so underdressed on a Wednesday night? The band performed a pops concert, and wore black and white.

Stay tuned to this page and to our Facebook page for updates. We will be out freezing our valves off at the tree lighting before you know it. Until then, the whole band is going to take little break.


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